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Our Love Story (2016) Yeon-ae-dam ✪ TVlol War

Our Love Story (2016) Yeon-ae-dam ✪ TVlol War
Our Love Story (2016) Yeon-ae-dam
✪ Our Love Story (2016) Yeon-ae-dam

A fine arts student meets an attractive bartender, and the two women begin an intimate relationship.

Release: 99 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 17 November 2016 (South Korea)

Stars: Sang-hee Lee, as Yoon-ju, Sun-young Ryu, as Ji-soo, Keun-rok Park, as Yeong-ho, Sung-mi Lim, as Yeong-eun, Jong-soo Kim, as Ji-soo's father, Ji-soo Lee, as Professor, Joo-hwan Park, as Byeong-gi, da-Yeong Lee, as Se-ah, Sa-Myung Han, as Yeong-eun's lover, Tae-Ri Lee, as Ji-soo's old lover, Si-Heon Kim, as Blind date man, Hwa-Kyeong Yoon, as Convenience store clerk, Yu-hee Chae, as Gallery representative, Gi-beom Kim, as Bar boss, Woo-Ram Yoo, as Bar guest, Ah-Mi Jung, as Ji-soo's mother, Byeong-gi Jang, as Motel man, Han-ra Kim, as Motel woman, Hyun-ju Lee, love liveontv, love uk channels live, love freeview tv app, love movies box office, love stream uk shows, love movies released, love us tv live, love movies channel, love tv bundles, story liveontv, story uk channels live, story freeview tv app, story movies box office, story stream uk shows, story movies released, story us tv live, story movies channel, story tv bundles, yeon-ae-dam liveontv, yeon-ae-dam uk channels live, yeon-ae-dam freeview tv app, yeon-ae-dam movies box office, yeon-ae-dam stream uk shows, yeon-ae-dam movies released, yeon-ae-dam us tv live, yeon-ae-dam movies channel, yeon-ae-dam tv bundles

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