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Nerd (2019) ◆ TVlol Biography

Nerd (2019) ◆ TVlol Biography
Nerd (2019)
◆ Nerd (2019)

Norbert is a happy internet addict. He hasn't left his home for a long time and all he needs to be satisfied in life is brought to him by Marian - a crazy taxi driver over 50 years old, who loves young women and parties. Norbert's...

Release: 88 min ◉ Adventure, Comedy ◉ 6 June 2019 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Anna Bielecka, as Junk Girl, Katarzyna Figura, as Norbert's Mom, Phillip Goss, as Agent Woody, Daniel Grzelazka, as Party Participant, Daniel Hillebrand, Mariusz Jakus, Nicholas Kaufman, as Marian the Cabdriver, Janusz Kluczkowski, Tomasz Knapik, as Narrator, Jakub Krysztal, as Junky's Friend, Michal Krzywicki, as Young Dad, Magdalena Kustosz, Monnica Rae Laher, as Infoline Consultant, Philip Lenkowsky, as Norbert, Malgorzata Lipka, Roxana Lupu, Ewa Marczak, Kamil Marczak, Artur Schmidt, Krzysztof Pietrzak, nerd most popular tv shows, nerd stream sites, nerd free shows, nerd tv, nerd new tv series, nerd ip tv online, nerd best on prime, nerd uk streaming, nerd stream uk shows

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