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Monster (2018) ★ TVlol History

Monster (2018) ★ TVlol History
Monster (2018)
★ Monster (2018)

A smart, likeable, 17-year-old film student from Harlem sees his world turned upside down when he's charged with a murder. We follow his dramatic journey through a complex legal battle.

Release: 98 min ◉ Crime, Drama ◉ 7 May 2021 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Kelvin Hale, as Court Officer, Jennifer Ehle, as Maureen O'Brien, Paul Ben-Victor, as Anthony Petrocelli, Dorian Missick, as Asa Briggs, Jennifer Hudson, as Mrs. Harmon, Jeffrey Wright, as Mr. Harmon, Carl Johansson, as Court Officer #2, Willie C. Carpenter, as Judge, Geisha Otero, as Jury Foreman, Nyleek Moore, as Jerry Harmon, Lovie Simone, as Renee Pickford, Liam Obergfoll, as Casper Juenemann, Tim Blake Nelson, as Leroy Sawicki, Mikey Madison, as Alexandra Floyd, Amanda Crown, as Sarah, Keet Davis, as King's Friend, ASAP Rocky, as James King, John David Washington, as Richard 'Bobo' Evans, Kelvin Harrison Jr., as Steve Harmon, Roberto Lopez, as Mr. Nesbitt, Anthony Mandler, Colen C. Wiley, Janece Shaffer, monster new tv live, monster iptv streams, monster show channel, monster now tv free, monster new films, monster new best movies list, monster series, monster movies showing, monster watch us tv free

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