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Mission: Killfast (1991) ☆ TVlol Thriller

Mission: Killfast (1991) ☆ TVlol Thriller
Mission: Killfast (1991)
☆ Mission: Killfast (1991)

From Astro-Zombies director Ted V. Mikels comes this adrenalized tale of a high-kicking CIA agent, vengeful Las Vegas gangsters, unhinged arms dealers, terrorists with nuclear weapons, explosions and bikini clad beauties.

Release: 0 min ◉ Action, Adventure ◉ January

Stars: Tiger Yang, as Self, Sharon Hughes, as Catt Valone, Sonny King, as Murak, Ronald Gregg, as Harry, Myron Natwick, as Nick Julius, Rex Ravelle, as Cocoa Charlie, Chuck Alford, as Fike, Joe Azzato, as Mercenary, Foster Boom, as Nurse, Kyle Edward Cranston, as Shannon D'Appolito, Marya Gant, Perry Genovese, as Mario, Ron Jason, Bob Legionaire, as Chief Operational Officer, Ted V. Mikels, Harry Pugh, as Anselmo D'Appolito, Shanti, as Chantelle, Jewel Shepard, as Miss August, mission free streams tv, mission streaming on tv, mission freesat iptv, mission freeview demand, mission free live news, mission filmon tv app, mission cinema, mission free tv app, mission sat tv live, killfast free streams tv, killfast streaming on tv, killfast freesat iptv, killfast freeview demand, killfast free live news, killfast filmon tv app, killfast cinema, killfast free tv app, killfast sat tv live

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