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Mascarade (2022) Maskeli Balo ✪ TVlol Drama

Mascarade (2022) Maskeli Balo ✪ TVlol Drama
Mascarade (2022) Maskeli Balo
✪ Mascarade (2022) Maskeli Balo

Adrien, an attractive dancer whose career was shattered by a motorcycle accident, squanders his youth in idleness. His life changes when he meets Margot, who lives off scams and amorous manipulations.

Release: 134 min ◉ Comedy, Crime, Drama ◉ 1 November 2022 (France)

Stars: Pierre Niney, as Adrien Saillard, Isabelle Adjani, as Martha Duval, François Cluzet, as Simon Laurenti, Marine Vacth, as Margot Hansen, Emmanuelle Devos, as Carole Laurenti, Laura Morante, as Giulia Margoni, Charles Berling, as Jean-Charles, James Wilby, as Thomas, Nicolas Briançon, as Laurent Bardin, Marie Fabre, as Maria, Philippe Uchan, as Claude, Christiane Millet, as Françoise, Marie Zabukovec, as Lucie Laurenti, Bruno Raffaelli, as Serge Bazin, Arturo Giusi, as Louis l'ami d'Adrien, Ava Quentin-Dekic, as Nina 3 ans, Xavier Thiam, as Le compagnon de Jean-Charles, Magali Bonat, as La juge, Nicolas Bedos, mascarade uk tv play, mascarade now tv box, mascarade my tv free, mascarade miniseries, mascarade iptv tv, mascarade movies coming, mascarade live tv on, mascarade roku live tv, mascarade prime online tv, maskeli uk tv play, maskeli now tv box, maskeli my tv free, maskeli miniseries, maskeli iptv tv, maskeli movies coming, maskeli live tv on, maskeli roku live tv, maskeli prime online tv, balo uk tv play, balo now tv box, balo my tv free, balo miniseries, balo iptv tv, balo movies coming, balo live tv on, balo roku live tv, balo prime online tv

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