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Magnificent Obsession (1954) ◉ TVlol Game-Show

Magnificent Obsession (1954) ◉ TVlol Game-Show
Magnificent Obsession (1954)
◉ Magnificent Obsession (1954)

A rich playboy whose recklessness inadvertently causes the death of a prominent doctor tries to make amends to his widow, and falls for her in the process.

Release: 130 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 27 November 2019 (United States)

Stars: Michael Shannon, as Walt Thrombey, Don Johnson, as Richard Drysdale, Toni Collette, as Joni Thrombey, LaKeith Stanfield, as Lieutenant Elliott, Christopher Plummer, as Harlan Thrombey, Katherine Langford, as Meg Thrombey, Jaeden Martell, as Jacob Thrombey, Riki Lindhome, as Donna Thrombey, Edi Patterson, as Fran, Frank Oz, as Alan Stevens, K Callan, as Greatnana Wanetta, Noah Segan, as Trooper Wagner, M. Emmet Walsh, as Mr. Proofroc, Marlene Forte, as Marta's Mom, Raúl Castillo, as Cop, Shyrley Rodriguez, as Alicia, Daniel Craig, as Benoit Blanc, Chris Evans, as Ransom Drysdale, Ana de Armas, as Marta Cabrera, Jamie Lee Curtis, as Linda Drysdale, Rian Johnson, Barbara Rush, as Joyce Phillips, Gregg Palmer, as Tom Masterson, Paul Cavanagh, as Dr. Giraud, Sara Shane, as Valerie, Richard H. Cutting, as Dr. Dodge, Judy Nugent, as Judy, Helen Kleeb, as Mrs. Eden, Rudolph Anders, as Dr. Fuss, Fred Nurney, as Dr. Laradetti, John Mylong, as Dr. Hofer, Alexander Campbell, as Dr. Allan, Mae Clarke, as Mrs. Miller, Harvey Grant, as Chris, Joseph Mell, as Dan, Gail Bonney, as Phyllis, George Brand, as Doctor, Jane Wyman, as Helen Phillips, Rock Hudson, as Bob Merrick, Agnes Moorehead, as Nancy Ashford, Otto Kruger, as Randolph, Douglas Sirk, Lloyd C. Douglas, Robert Blees, Wells Root, magnificent free episodes, magnificent top box office, magnificent movies list top, magnificent popular movies rated, magnificent movies cinema, magnificent live tv links, magnificent new series, magnificent filmon uk, magnificent uk series, obsession free episodes, obsession top box office, obsession movies list top, obsession popular movies rated, obsession movies cinema, obsession live tv links, obsession new series, obsession filmon uk, obsession uk series

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