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Luz (2020) ✡ TVlol Series

Luz (2020) ✡ TVlol Series
Luz (2020)
✡ Luz (2020)

What began as a friendship turns into a fierce romance in this heart-wrenching drama. LUZ is a story of survival, not only for the lives of both men, but for their relationship as it transitions to the world outside their cell.

Release: 118 min ◉ Crime, Drama, Romance ◉ 6 April 2021 (United States)

Stars: Ernesto Reyes, as Ruben, Jesse Tayeh, as Carlos, Jimmy Garcia, as Sal, Alma Gloria Garcia, as Benilda, Lowell Deo, as Officer Dowden, Rega Lupo, as Julio, Marian Mendez, as Valerie, Evie Riojas, as Adriana, Willis Argetsinger, as Adult in custody, Virgil Bohnenkamp, Lucas Burton, as Yard Prison Guard, Kristin Busch, as Customer at Auto Body shop, J.D. Caneals, Isai Dale, as Property Guard, Charles Gallardo, Shawn M. Hall, John Hamilton, Lloyd Hartzell, Jon Garcia, luz live tv links, luz usa tv network, luz pluto free, luz satellite tv, luz prime online tv, luz tv shows, luz watch online hd, luz new movies list, luz tube movies

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