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Love a la Carte (2014) ※ TVlol Films

Love a la Carte (2014) ※ TVlol Films
Love a la Carte (2014)
※ Love a la Carte (2014)

Can a marriage in crisis survive? "Love a la Carte" is a comedic fantasy about struggling monogamists staying married for better or worse, with the help of an online polyamory dating website called "Love a la Carte."

Release: 88 min ◉ Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ◉ 1 October 2014 (United States)

Stars: Maria-Magdalena, as Polly Goodgolly, Michael C. Alvarez, as Randy Amatory, Julie Van Lith, as Diane Thankyaman, Raj Suri, as Dick Sturdy, Ali Asghar Askari, as Evelyn's Dad, Michael Butler, as Don Low, Sylvie Cohen, as Debbie Destructo, Vincent John Conti, as Bobby Thankyaman, Teri Frost, as Juggies McGee, Daniel Ganea, as Doctor Sancho, Jacob Golden, as Bud Plugget, Slade Hall, as Preacher De Los DHMO, Tim Helmstadter, as That Masked Man, Gary Herkimer, as Marty Er, Joseph Martin Jauch, as Buster Hyman, Kathy Blaze Jefferson, as S.B. Tenseventy, Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, as Phil Anders, Kimber Leigh, as Angela Heavens, Chauna Mae, as Evelyn Anders, James Ray, as Gene Isis, Tim McSpadden, love watchtv online, love totv online, love uk freeview, love ip tv free, love online tv news, love free tv download, love free iptv, love free internet tv, love best hd movies, carte watchtv online, carte totv online, carte uk freeview, carte ip tv free, carte online tv news, carte free tv download, carte free iptv, carte free internet tv, carte best hd movies

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