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Little Murders (1971) ● TVlol Films

Little Murders (1971) ● TVlol Films
Little Murders (1971)
● Little Murders (1971)

Pitch black comedy about a young nihilistic New Yorker coping with pervasive urban violence, obscene phone calls, rusty water pipes, electrical blackouts, paranoia and ethnic-racial conflict during a typical summer of the 1970s.

Release: 108 min ◉ Comedy, Crime ◉ 9 February 1971 (United States)

Stars: Jon Korkes, as Kenny Newquist, John Randolph, as Mr. Chamberlain, Doris Roberts, as Mrs. Chamberlain, Lou Jacobi, as Judge Stern, Donald Sutherland, as Rev. Dupas, Alan Arkin, as Lieutenant Practice, Martin Kove, as Checkpoint Police Officer, Elliott Gould, as Alfred Chamberlain, Marcia Rodd, as Patsy Newquist, Vincent Gardenia, as Carol Newquist, Elizabeth Wilson, as Marge Newquist, Jules Feiffer, little world tv live, little top shows, little us live tv, little all live tv app, little watch uk tv free, little new series, little hq tv online, little free tv links, little show tv live, murders world tv live, murders top shows, murders us live tv, murders all live tv app, murders watch uk tv free, murders new series, murders hq tv online, murders free tv links, murders show tv live

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