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Iceman (1984) ★ TVlol Film-Noir

Iceman (1984) ★ TVlol Film-Noir
Iceman (1984)
★ Iceman (1984)

A prehistoric Neanderthal man found frozen in ice is revived by an arctic exploration team, who then attempt to use him for their own scientific means.

Release: 100 min ◉ Drama, Sci-Fi ◉ 13 April 1984 (United States)

Stars: Timothy Hutton, as Dr. Stanley Shephard, Lindsay Crouse, as Dr. Diane Brady, John Lone, as Charlie, Josef Sommer, as Whitman, David Strathairn, as Dr. Singe, Philip Akin, as Dr. Vermeil, Danny Glover, as Loomis, Amelia Hall, as Mabel, Richard Monette, as Hogan, James Tolkan, as Maynard, Stephen E. Miller, as Temp Doc, David Petersen, as Scatem Doc, Judith Berlin, as E.K.G. Doc, Paul Batten, as Technician, Lovie Eli, as Nurse, Stephen Nemeth, as Lab Tech, Réal Andrews, Bob Reimer, as Helicopter Pilot, Fred Schepisi, Chip Proser, iceman new on tv, iceman filmon tv free, iceman uk online tv, iceman live tv online, iceman free movie site, iceman free streaming, iceman watch in tv, iceman watch us tv live, iceman best movies out

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