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Hideaways (2011) 👊 TVlol Box Office

Hideaways (2011) 👊 TVlol Box Office
Hideaways (2011)
👊 Hideaways (2011)

James Furlong, motherless, discovered an extraordinary gift by accident which caused the death of his father and his grandmother.

Release: 88 min ◉ Fantasy, Thriller ◉ 23 November 2011 (France)

Stars: Stuart Graham, as Sergeant, Kate O'Toole, as Mrs. Moore, James Wilson, as James Furlong Aged 5-10, Diarmuid O'Dwyer, as Liam aged 11, Calem Martin, as Stephen aged 13, Craig Connolly, as Kevin Aged 13, Lesley Conroy, as Cathy Furlong, Aaron Monaghan, as Philip Furlong aged 30, Mairead Reynolds, as Charlotte Furlong aged 28, Ruth McCabe, as Charlotte Furlong aged 55, Bernard Deegan, as Charlie Furlong aged 32, Isaac O'Sullivan, as Charlie Furlong Aged 6, Callum Maloney, as Philip Furlong Aged 5, Holly Gregg, as Patient Laura, Greg Davis, as Patient Michael, Jack Monaghan, as Patient Tommy, Rachel Hurd-Wood, as Mae-West O'Mara, Harry Treadaway, as James Furlong, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, as Liam, Susan Lynch, as Mrs. O'Mara, Agnès Merlet, Nick Vincent Murphy, hideaways most popular tv series, hideaways now tv player, hideaways online channel, hideaways movies out, hideaways adult tv free, hideaways best new shows, hideaways uktv now, hideaways s actor, hideaways movie streaming

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