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Hanna K. (1983) ✡ TVlol Shows

Hanna K. (1983) ✡ TVlol Shows
Hanna K. (1983)
✡ Hanna K. (1983)

An Israeli lawyer is defending a Palestinian charged by The Military Court System in the Israeli-Occupied Territories. It's a tough case because of a strong political background.

Release: 111 min ◉ Drama ◉ 7 September 1983 (France)

Stars: David Clennon, as Amnon, Shimon Finkel, as Prof. Leventhal, Oded Kotler, as The 'stranger', Michal Bat-Adam, as Russian woman, Dafna Levy, as Dafna, Dan Muggia, as Capt. Allenby-Bridge, Robert Sommer, as President-Court, Bruno Corazzari, as Court president, Amnon Kapeliouk, as Judge, Ronald Guttman, as Prison director, Dalik Wollinitz, as Sergeant at checkpoint, Luca Barbareschi, as Young lawyer, Gideon Amir, as Court lawyer, William Berger, as German journalist, Izviad Arad, as Tourist guide, Kassim Arian, as Palestinian defendant, Jill Clayburgh, as Hanna Kaufman, Jean Yanne, as Victor Bonnet, Gabriel Byrne, as Joshua Herzog, Mohammad Bakri, as Selim Bakri, Costa-Gavras, Franco Solinas, hanna freeview play, hanna channel up tv, hanna see free, hanna freeview tv, hanna channels uk live, hanna live tv, hanna watch direct tv, hanna uk free tv, hanna stream free

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