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Foxcatcher (2014) ◉ TVlol Box Office

Foxcatcher (2014) ◉ TVlol Box Office
Foxcatcher (2014)
◉ Foxcatcher (2014)

U.S. Olympic wrestling champions and brothers Mark Schultz and Dave Schultz join "Team Foxcatcher", led by eccentric multi-millionaire John du Pont, as they train for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, but John's self-d...

Release: 134 min ◉ Biography, Drama, History ◉ 9 January 2015 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Steve Carell, as John du Pont, Channing Tatum, as Mark Schultz, Mark Ruffalo, as David Schultz, Vanessa Redgrave, as Jean du Pont, Sienna Miller, as Nancy Schultz, Anthony Michael Hall, as Jack, Guy Boyd, as Henry Beck, Brett Rice, as Fred Cole, Jackson Frazer, as Alexander Schultz, Samara Lee, as Danielle Schultz, Francis J. Murphy III, as Wayne Kendall, Jane Mowder, as Rosie, David 'Doc' Bennett, as Documentary Director, Lee Perkins, as Corporal, Robert Haramia, as Banquet Guest, Daniel Hilt, as Roberto Garcia, Bryan Cook, as Ben Langer, David Zabriskie, as Dan Bane, Bennett Miller, E. Max Frye, Dan Futterman, foxcatcher tv live online, foxcatcher in cinema, foxcatcher movie database, foxcatcher list box-office, foxcatcher watch tv shows, foxcatcher live tv apk, foxcatcher watch now, foxcatcher best on prime, foxcatcher iptv live tv

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