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Dynamite Brothers (1974) ☆ TVlol Game-Show

Dynamite Brothers (1974) ☆ TVlol Game-Show
Dynamite Brothers (1974)
☆ Dynamite Brothers (1974)

Young black man teams up with a Chinese kung-fu expert to fight a drug ring.

Release: 90 min ◉ Action, Drama ◉ May 1974 (United States)

Stars: Timothy Brown, as Stud Brown, Alan Tang, as Larry Chin, Aldo Ray, as Burke, James Hong, as Wei Chin, Don Oliver, as Smiling Man, Al Richardson, as Razor, Carol Speed, as Sarah, Clare Torao, as Betty Fon, Lung Chan, as Tuen's Bodyguard, Richard Lee-Sung, as Kung Fat, Ching-Ying Lam, as Tuen's Henchman, Margo Hope, as Chu Lin, Steve Armstrong, as Truck Driver, Jean Clark, as Passenger, Erik Cord, as Bigot, Susie Ewing, as Laura, Steve Fisher, Yung-Sheng Kuo, Al Adamson, John D'Amato, Marvin Lagunoff, dynamite hulu now tv, dynamite free trial tv, dynamite hd stream app tv, dynamite daily news, dynamite amazon tv series, dynamite sat tv, dynamite stream tv app, dynamite freeview mobile, dynamite film series, brothers hulu now tv, brothers free trial tv, brothers hd stream app tv, brothers daily news, brothers amazon tv series, brothers sat tv, brothers stream tv app, brothers freeview mobile, brothers film series

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