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Doc Holliday (1971) ✡ TVlol Horror

Doc Holliday (1971) ✡ TVlol Horror
Doc Holliday (1971)
✡ Doc Holliday (1971)

Doc Holliday, the cold-blooded sharp-shooter, reunites with his old friend, Marshall Wyatt Earp, to take down the Clanton gang in the dusty town of Tombstone, in Arizona.

Release: 96 min ◉ Western ◉ 18 November 1971 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Denver John Collins, as The Kid, Dan Greenburg, as Clum, John Scanlon, as Bartlett, Richard McKenzie, as Behan, John Bottoms, as Virgil Earp, Philip Shafer, as Morgan Earp, Ferdinand Zogbaum, as James Earp, Penelope Allen, as Mattie Earp, Hedy Sontag, as Alley Earp, James Greene, as Frank McLowery, Antonia Rey, as Concha, Marshall Efron, as Mexican Bartender, Fred Dennis, as Johnny Ringo, Bruce M. Fischer, as Billy Clanton, Gene Collins, as Hotel Clerk, Vivian Allen, as Whore, Stacy Keach, as Doc, Faye Dunaway, as Katie, Harris Yulin, as Wyatt, Michael Witney, as Ike Clanton, Frank Perry, Pete Hamill, holliday online hd tv, holliday watch television, holliday totv app, holliday top tv series, holliday ip tv online, holliday the best movies, holliday iptv tv online, holliday series shows, holliday freesat online

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