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Die Beichte ihres Lebens (1949) Manèges ◉ TVlol Movies

Die Beichte ihres Lebens (1949) Manèges ◉ TVlol Movies
Die Beichte ihres Lebens (1949) Manèges
◉ Die Beichte ihres Lebens (1949) Manèges

After spending all his money to fulfill the smallest wish of his wife Dora, Robert is still madly in love with her. Now she is in agony, and her mother comes. She will reveal to Robert how he has been fooled. Flashbacks show the stor

Release: 91 min ◉ Drama ◉ 26 July 1949 (France)

Stars: Laure Diana, as La cavalière du manège, Fernand Rauzéna, as Les chefs des 'girls', Jean Ozenne, as Eric, Jean Hébey, as L'acheteur de chevaux, Pierre Naugier, Alain Debrus, Gabriel Gobin, as Émile, Max Monroy, Jane Marken, as La mère de Dora, Frank Villard, as François, Diana Bel, Maurice Derville, Gisèle François, Jacques Harden, Pierre Leproux, Yvonne Rozille, Bernard Blier, as Robert, Simone Signoret, as Dora, Jacques Baumer, as Louis, Mona Dol, as L'infirmière-chef, Yves Allégret, beichte live streaming, beichte iptv world apk, beichte watch free, beichte tv online tv, beichte latest cinema, beichte streaming film, beichte favorite films, beichte tv catch up, beichte online to watch, ihres live streaming, ihres iptv world apk, ihres watch free, ihres tv online tv, ihres latest cinema, ihres streaming film, ihres favorite films, ihres tv catch up, ihres online to watch, lebens live streaming, lebens iptv world apk, lebens watch free, lebens tv online tv, lebens latest cinema, lebens streaming film, lebens favorite films, lebens tv catch up, lebens online to watch, manges live streaming, manges iptv world apk, manges watch free, manges tv online tv, manges latest cinema, manges streaming film, manges favorite films, manges tv catch up, manges online to watch

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