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Deceiver (1997) Earl Watt ★ TVlol Biography

Deceiver (1997) Earl Watt ★ TVlol Biography
Deceiver (1997) Earl Watt
★ Deceiver (1997) Earl Watt

A hooker is found cut in two. Two cops give polygraph tests to the only suspect, James Wayland (Tim Roth), an unstable genius. After some time, the roles change.

Release: 106 min ◉ Crime, Drama, Mystery ◉ 15 May 1998 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Ellen Burstyn, as Mook, Rosanna Arquette, as Mrs. Kennesaw, Don Winston, as Warren, Michael Parks, as Dr. Banyard, Mark Damon, as Wayland's Father, J.C. Quinn, as Priest, Jody Wilhelm, as Mrs. Wayland, Ocie Pouncie, as Boogie, Bob Hungerford, as Jebby, Genevieve Butler, as Mary Kennesaw, Chelsea Butler, as Chelsea Kennesaw, David Alan Pickelsimer, as Billy Kennesaw, Paul Smith, as Wayland's Girlfriend's Father, George Nannarello, as Laughing Officer, Michael Flippo, as Police Officer, James Middleton, as Police Officer #2, Tim Roth, as Wayland, Chris Penn, as Det. Phillip Braxton, Michael Rooker, as Det. Edward Kennesaw, Renée Zellweger, as Elizabeth, Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, deceiver top best rated movies, deceiver up television, deceiver hulu new series, deceiver best new films, deceiver pluto tv web, deceiver prime tv movies, deceiver world tv apk, deceiver free british tv, deceiver top tv series, earl top best rated movies, earl up television, earl hulu new series, earl best new films, earl pluto tv web, earl prime tv movies, earl world tv apk, earl free british tv, earl top tv series, watt top best rated movies, watt up television, watt hulu new series, watt best new films, watt pluto tv web, watt prime tv movies, watt world tv apk, watt free british tv, watt top tv series

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