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Daddy Long Legs (1955) ◆ TVlol Music

Daddy Long Legs (1955) ◆ TVlol Music
Daddy Long Legs (1955)
◆ Daddy Long Legs (1955)

A wealthy American has a chance encounter with a joyful young French woman, and anonymously pays for her education. She writes letters to her mysterious benefactor, nicknaming him from the description given by some of her fellow orph

Release: 126 min ◉ Musical, Romance ◉ 1 August 1955 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Fred Clark, as Griggs, Charlotte Austin, as Sally McBride, Larry Keating, as Ambassador Alexander Williamson, Kathryn Givney, as Gertrude Pendleton, Kelly Brown, as Jimmy McBride, Ray Anthony, as Ray Anthony, Robert Adler, as Deliveryman, Suzanne Alexander, as College Girl, Gertrude Astor, as Art Gallery Patron, Wilda Bieber, Paul Bradley, as Second Jeweler, Tim Cagney, as Orphan, Gwen Caldwell, Kathryn Card, as Miss Carrington, John Carlyle, as Student in 'Sluefoot' Dance Sequence, Janice Carroll, as Athetic Girl Dancer, Fred Astaire, as Jervis Pendleton III, Leslie Caron, as Julie Andre, Terry Moore, as Linda Pendleton, Thelma Ritter, as Alicia Pritchard, Jean Negulesco, Phoebe Ephron, Henry Ephron, Jean Webster, daddy latest films, daddy all channels, daddy free classic tv, daddy hd satelit live, daddy watch show, daddy live tv player, daddy livestream tv, daddy playlist new shows, daddy sat satellite, long latest films, long all channels, long free classic tv, long hd satelit live, long watch show, long live tv player, long livestream tv, long playlist new shows, long sat satellite, legs latest films, legs all channels, legs free classic tv, legs hd satelit live, legs watch show, legs live tv player, legs livestream tv, legs playlist new shows, legs sat satellite

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