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Christmas Ever After (2020) ✯ TVlol Musical

Christmas Ever After (2020) ✯ TVlol Musical
Christmas Ever After (2020)
✯ Christmas Ever After (2020)

Sparks fly during Christmastime when a romance novelist meets a handsome man who looks like the leading character in her books.

Release: 87 min ◉ Drama, Romance ◉ 6 December 2020 (United States)

Stars: Nicole Leroux, as Sarah, Charlotte Legault, as Parker, Gita Miller, as Jennifer, Kim Nelson, as Mila, Larry Day, as Tom Simmons, Ellen David, as Kim Simmons, Jack Molloy Legault, as Timmy, Simon Alain, as Lodge Singer #1, Andréanne St-Louis, as Lodge Singer #2, Alessia Zaccaro, as Child at Christmas Brunch, Ali Stroker, as Izzi Simmons, Daniel di Tomasso, as Matt, Bill Marchant, as Bob, Melia Charlotte Cressaty, as Kacey, Pat Kiely, Katrina Mathewson, Tanner Bean, christmas uk play, christmas miniseries high rated, christmas hulu now tv, christmas daily news, christmas watch tv stream, christmas totv online, christmas pluto tv movies, christmas usa tv schedule, christmas watch tv on, ever uk play, ever miniseries high rated, ever hulu now tv, ever daily news, ever watch tv stream, ever totv online, ever pluto tv movies, ever usa tv schedule, ever watch tv on, after uk play, after miniseries high rated, after hulu now tv, after daily news, after watch tv stream, after totv online, after pluto tv movies, after usa tv schedule, after watch tv on

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