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Bird (1988) ◎ TVlol Comedy

Bird (1988) ◎ TVlol Comedy
Bird (1988)
◎ Bird (1988)

The troubled life and career of jazz musician Charlie "Bird" Parker.

Release: 161 min ◉ Biography, Drama, Music ◉ 25 November 1988 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Forest Whitaker, as Charlie 'Bird' Parker, Diane Venora, as Chan Parker, Michael Zelniker, as Red Rodney, Samuel E. Wright, as Dizzy, Keith David, as Buster Franklin, Michael McGuire, as Brewster, James Handy, as Esteves, Damon Whitaker, as Young Bird, Morgan Nagler, as Kim, Arlen Dean Snyder, as Dr. Heath, Sam Robards, as Moscowitz, Penelope Windust, as Bellevue Nurse, Glenn Wright, as Alcoholic Patient, George Orrison, as Patient with Checkers, Bill Cobbs, as Dr. Caulfield, Hamilton Camp, as Mayor of 52nd Street, Chris Bosley, as First Doorman, George T. Bruce, as Second Doorman, Clint Eastwood, Joel Oliansky, bird watch live tv, bird see movies, bird cable tv, bird show watch, bird movies, bird tv channels free, bird usa tv online, bird netflix cinema, bird app

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