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Bad Banks (TV Series) ✪ TVlol Documentary

Bad Banks (TV Series) ✪ TVlol Documentary
Bad Banks (TV Series)
✪ Bad Banks (TV Series)

Ambitious Jana is confronted with the unscrupulous machinations of the world of finance. Her working life is determined by egotism, the pressure to succeed and machismo. She soon has to decide how far she is prepared to go for her... Bad Banks (2018–2020) Плохие банки Bad Banks (2018–2020)

Release: 52 min ◉ Crime, Drama, Thriller ◉ 4 April 2019 (United Kingdom)

Stars: Paula Beer, as Jana Liekam, Barry Atsma, as Gabriel Fenger, Désirée Nosbusch, as Christelle Leblanc, Albrecht Schuch, as Adam Pohl, Mai Duong Kieu, as Thao Hoang, Marc Limpach, as Luc Jacoby, Germain Wagner, as Ties Jacoby, Tobias Moretti, as Quirin Sydow, Jean-Marc Barr, as Robert Khano, Canan Samadi, as Maria, Jörg Schüttauf, as Peter Schultheiß, Tobias Langhoff, as Peter Richard Finanzaufsicht, Utsav Agrawal, as Shantimay 'Shanti' Bhardevej, Patrick Dewayne, as Liam Atwood, Mathilde Irrmann, as Vicky Escort, Jeff Wilbusch, as Noah Weisz, Larisa Faber, as Isabelle, Christoph Schechinger, as Felix Bender, banks watch uk tv live, banks free stream, banks latest movies and series, banks iptv sat, banks tv guide, banks top best films, banks top popular tv shows, banks iptv world apk, banks free tv now, series watch uk tv live, series free stream, series latest movies and series, series iptv sat, series tv guide, series top best films, series top popular tv shows, series iptv world apk, series free tv now

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