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Angola the war (2017) ✡ TVlol Sport

Angola the war (2017) ✡ TVlol Sport
Angola the war (2017)
✡ Angola the war (2017)

A faraway war - A clash of ideologies - And some of the biggest battles fought on African soil since World War Two.

Release: 120 min ◉ Documentary, History ◉ 1 June 2017 (South Africa)

Stars: Anton Beukman, as Former Member, Seaborne Special Forces, Pik Botha, as Former South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Breytenbach, as Founder, 32 Battalion, Fidel Castro, as President of Cuba, Jannie Gildenhuys, as Former Chief, South African Defense Forces, Maxim Gladkov, as Former Soviet Interpreter, Dick Lord, as Former Officer Commanding Air Command Post, SADF, Jan Malan, as Former Field Commander, 61 Mech, Gert Minnaar, Craig Thomassen, Corps of Engineers, Peter Lamberti, Jeremy Bense, Este Nortje, angola iptv sat, angola iptv premium, angola top box office, angola streaming shows, angola new tv shows, angola live channel tv, angola tv to watch, angola top tv series all time, angola best current films

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