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A Son's Promise (1990) ★ TVlol Sport

A Son's Promise (1990) ★ TVlol Sport
A Son's Promise (1990)
★ A Son's Promise (1990)

The touching true story of 15-year-old Terry who promised his dying mother to look after his six younger brothers and keep them together as a family--a man's job on a boy's shoulders. He had to face many misfortunes and "parenthood"

Release: 95 min ◉ Drama, Family ◉ 5 March 1990 (United States)

Stars: Boyd Gaines, as Dan Weston, Andrew Lowery, as Tommy O'Kelley, Donald Moffat, as Paw Paw, Ryan Marshall, as David O'Kelley, Trey Yearwood, as Jeff O'Kelley, Peirce Baehr, as Michael O'Kelley, Grayson Fricke, as Jason O'Kelley, Linda Pierce, as Judy O'Kelley Mom, Edith Ivey, as Luella Step-Grandma, Ken Strong, as Lee Reynolds, Jim Peck, as Brantley Kincaid - Attorney, Dan Biggers, as Judge Pettus, Danny Nelson, as Judge McLauren, Pamela Garmon, as Sarah Hall, Andy Stahl, as Principal, Joe Inscoe, as Tom Donaldson, Ricky Schroder, as Terry O'Kelley, David Andrews, as Wayne O'Kelley Dad, Veronica Cartwright, as Dorothy Donaldson guardian ad litem, Stephen Dorff, as Charles O'Kelley, John Korty, Bill Stratton, sons uk freesat, sons tv satellite, sons film website, sons list the best films, sons on demand, sons to tv online, sons usa live, sons new tv series uk, sons talk show, promise uk freesat, promise tv satellite, promise film website, promise list the best films, promise on demand, promise to tv online, promise usa live, promise new tv series uk, promise talk show

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